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Ricci's Ranch Auto

Jim & Bonnie Ricci

Born to a service station owner in Priest River, Idaho, Jim has always been around the car scene. His father relocated his family back to Wisconsin to help his ailing father, and soon after their arrival, Jim's dad starting working for a tire shop, that he eventually purchased. When his father was ready to retire in 1986, Jim and his brother purchased the tire shop and started a small used car business to go along with the shop. After nearly 30 years, Jim retired from the tire shop to focus on the used cars business, and that is when Ricci's Ranch Auto, LLC. was born.

"It is a really special partnership I have with the owner of Ricci's Ranch Auto.  You see Bonnie and I don't own it... God does. So I am not only able to fulfill my passion with working on and cleaning cars, but I am blessed with the ability to help people who struggle with going to a traditional car lot. You come here and we may have a cup of coffee and talk football or baseball. You won't be attacked by a salesman because I am the only one here. Or we might just sit down and pray for your family. And if I don't have the car you want that is OK. Either I can get on the computer and find one anywhere in the country or you may find the car you want somewhere else."

Driven by Integrity

When Jim sells a car you can trust that he has checked it out, front to rear. If the car needs any repairs, he will fix it or tell you exactly what it needs. 

Jim specializes in higher mile / late model cars. He loves to custom purchase vehicles for people and find the perfect car or truck. Jim will show you exactly how much it cost after all expenses and set a final price, which is typically a lot less then the large dealers. 

I have met so many people doing this. And my goal is to make the car buying experience really easy with little or no stress. And of course to honor God.